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Popular Advertising L.L.C

"Connecting Minds With Creative Ideas"

Advertising is an art, and we excel at it. With over seven years of experience is the advertising domain, we are a trusted brand across the UAE and beyond for delivering quality and timely work across industries and types of collaterals. We have the capability to cater to all your advertising needs.

Our Team

Our team consists of a group of highly experienced, creative and dedicated individuals who are passionate about advertising. Their passion finds expression in their work, which involves a balancing of meticulous planning and the rush of creativity. Well-networked and strategic-minded individuals all, we make sure that you get the best quality of work that stands out from the crowd and makes an impression.

Our Services

Design Brand Strategy Strategic Planning Communication
  Brand Identity & Development Brand Counsel Consumer Insights & Market Research Creative Campaign Development
Brand Assets & Systems Strategy Definition Marketing Strategy Integrated Advertising Campaigns
Art Direction Brand Identity Development Creative Ideation Promotional Initiatives
Graphic Design Internal Brand Engagement Campaign Planning Activation & Event Support
Copywriting External Brand Implementation Creative & Activation Plans Public relations
Sales & Marketing Collaterals Brand Performance Measurement Affiliate Marketing Programs Media Relations
Operational Touch points Brand Guardianship    

Hi-tech Fabrication Workshop

Our hi-tech fabrication workshop houses the latest and most advanced technologies in the market and ensures the quickest delivery combined with the highest levels of quality. Take advantage of what’s on offer by opting for our retail signage services.

Large Format Indoor & Outdoor Printing

In a market where clutter is a major pain point for marketers, size truly matters. We bring you large format digital printing suited to your outdoor and indoor advertising needs. With visibility pitched a notch higher than your competitors, you can be sure to reach your audience and occupy their mind space each time. Production on advanced printers ensures unparalleled quality and images that pop out of the clutter in their vibrancy and detail.

Directories & Indoor Signage

In a market such as the UAE where most of your audience is to be found indoors at most times, indoor advertising takes on added significance. We cater to the burgeoning demand for indoor signage through our state-of-the-art machinery and equipment that allows for flexibility without sacrificing quality. We offer a number of options such as 3D Acrylic, Bronze, Push Through, Powder-Coated, Wooden and Aluminum signs.

Outdoor Signage

They say impressions begin with advertising. This holds true for outdoor signs that introduce your potential customers to the brand even more so than for other types of signage. Make sure your brand makes the desired impression with our outdoor signage options, which include 3D acrylic, flex face, wooden, aluminum, powder-coated, neon and channelleume among others.

Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle Graphics take your brand to the next level, exposing it to target audience in places far and wide; and we’re right there in the middle of all the action catering this service to you. Our vehicle graphics reflect what’s best about your brand, and are presented in a format that is effective and apt for vehicular signage. We bear in mind the visual constraints and more that the audience of vehicular signage face when developing these attractive collaterals.

Window Graphics

Our Window Graphics services include a broad range of services within it such as window displays including mannequins and other paraphernalia, printed window displays and the altogether enchanting on-window graphics, among others. Window Graphics offer a chance to advertise the brand while at the same time adding colour and creativity to your store/office.

Roll-Up & Exhibition Displays

End-to-end exhibition advertising needs are covered in our Roll-Up & Exhibition Display Services. Both convenience and effectiveness are borne in mind throughout the development process. From pop-up roll-up systems with easy-to-assemble frames to modular exhibition stands that cater to larger events, find it all here.

Gift Printing

Corporate gifting is becoming increasingly popular even as it is getting to be more innovative day after day. We have kept up with the changing trends in gifting solutions and offer you a host of services including t-shirt, brochure, business card, envelope and balloon printing.

We Offer

  • LED Sign
  • 3D Signages
  • Project Sign
  • Hoarding
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Exhibition Displays
  • Events Management
  • Window Graphics
  • Graphic Designing
  • Gift Items Printing
  • Offset Printing
  • Large Format Indoor & Outdoor Printing