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Al Madhar Al Zahabi Trading LLC

You Name It, We Got It!

Al Madhar Al Zahabi Trading is your one stop shop for virtually all your import and export needs in the following areas, be it in the India. We aim to deliver customer delight when serving the needs of our new and old customers and ensure a fair deal to all our suppliers and producers too.


Our import partners in trade are spread out across the world in countries such as Brazil, India, Pakistan, Egypt, South Africa, China, Thailand, New Zealand, Kenya and Vietnam ensuring a diverse as well as constant supply of goods. We export to other GCC countries such as Oman, Qatar, Egypt and Saudi Arabia and, also India.

Food & Nutrition (Grains & Flours)

Grains and flours form the staple food of the population, be it in the Middle East or India. With the growing need for food security combined with a burgeoning population in these nations, the demand for grains & flours is on the rise and we’re right there staying in tune with these basic needs and delivering the requisite goods in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Meat & Seafoods

Meat & Seafood are consumed widely in the Middle East. Our own fleet of transportation vehicles and reefer systems means we have full control over the logistics and delivery systems of the produce on a daily basis. The requirement for freshness and quality is taken care of with stringent and standardized requirements which ensure that all our producers and suppliers provide us with only the best of their produce. We offer a choice of lamb, mutton, chicken and beef from select producers across the international market.

Hardware & Electricals

With an extensive range of hardware (including computer hardware) and electrical solutions, we ensure that we cater to both your personal/household as well as corporate needs. A key area of demand for all nations looking prosper in today’s day and age, electrical and hardware go far in ensuring the growth of a nation, and we at Al Farusia General Trading India understand and cater to this need in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Textiles & Footwears

Ah, textiles! What could be better than being at the receiving end of fashion from across the world. Put this together with our offering of footwear to go with it, and what you have is a recipe for indulgence across the Middle East, and especially the UAE, which is known as a shopping hub across the world, catering to what is probably among the most diverse need base seen worldwide.


Even as the demand for paper in some aspects of life in the post-internet world have gone down, especially in the field of communications, we have found our niche to operate within the market and cater to the needs of producers of a wide variety of products using paper in their packaging and also as part of their basic goods.

Sugar & Spices

Who can refuse sugar and spice! From this sentiment arises the demand for these essential goods which we ensure are protected to the hilt during processing and delivery from country to country. We procure our produce from producers themselves as much as possible, thus bringing you these goods at their freshest while at the same time assuring you of highly competitive prices.